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Nidra training

Yoga Nidra

Practice Being You...

What Is It? 

Generally speaking, Yoga Nidra is a specialized relaxation process that combines guided self-reflection with savasana (corpse pose).  It can be done any time of day, from morning through bedtime.  More specifically, Yoga Nidra is a state of awareness between wakefulness and sleep. In this space we can bring relief to the physical body, nervous system and the mind. Although it's rooted in ancient practices, Yoga Nidra was introduced to the Western public in the 1960's. Today, many iterations of Yoga Nidra now exist; NSDR, for example, has been marketed by Dr. Andrew Huberman on his globally available podcast,  

What is it NOT?

Yoga Nidra is not napping.  In fact, it includes directions to help us stay awake (for this same reason, it is not hypnosis). It is not meditation, though it shares many similarities such as feeling relaxed, gaining insight, and the option to do it while lying down.  And Yoga Nidra is definitely not make-believe! Recent neuro-imaging studies have consistently tracked dopamine release and improved cerebral blood flow during and after Yoga Nidra sessions. Additionally, measurable changes in red blood cell counts, blood glucose levels, and hormonal status further confirm that this practice objectively affects the nervous system.


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Why do it?

One of the most popular, practical results of Yoga Nidra is better sleep. The technique does indeed work to shift brainwaves toward the delta mode, where healing and renewal do occur, and improved sleep efficiency can result. But clients commonly find themselves delving into the heart's true desires, discovering deeper resolutions that range from enhanced creativity and improved learning ability, to lasting wellness and self-transformation. The profound inner stillness induced by Yoga Nidra brings clarity--making it a simultaneously gentle and deeply effective way to "practice being you."

Why Practice with Me?

While I would not discourage anyone from trying Yoga Nidra with an app or video, my recent 100-hour training, Yoga Nidra Resonance, proved to me though textual evidence and my own immersion in the practice, that there is absolutely no substitute for experiencing Yoga Nidra with an in-person guide. 


Yoga Nidra with me includes:


* Live Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

* Scripts designed for your goals

* Pre- and Post-Session Q & A

* Support for the Journey

2 FREE Demos Still Available

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