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Chair & Mat Yoga

Wednesdays 10-11am


Yoga with a chair provides valuable sensory feedback to your body, improving your overall yoga practice.  This FREE online class offers basics that you can take with you anywhere, and it's offered to everyone, courtesy of Fairfax County Libraries.  Bring any handy chair and a yoga mat; we'll get over Hump Day together! 


Did I mention that this class is FREE?

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Meditation Sangha

Wednesdays, 7:30pm - 8:15pm

Sun & Moon Yoga Studio

3811 Langston Blvd.

Arlington VA 22207

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(in-studio or by Zoom)

Your sangha (a group of encouraging friends) helps you create consistency in your meditation.  We start with a brief check-in and dharma chat, then meditate together for 20-25 minutes (both silent and guided).  Along the way, I chime crystal bowls that provide focus and  gentle, live, healing vibrations.  Tips for breathing, sitting, and meditative techniques are also covered. 

By tradition,

meditations are offered freely. 

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Yoga for Balance

Tuesdays, 9 - 10am

June 25 - August 27

The Madison Center

3829 N. Stafford St.

Arlington VA 22207

You're invited to join this group of friendly yogis!  We use traditional yoga and breath techniques along with modern exercise theory to improve balance in the physical body, as well as in the heart and mind.  Appropriate for anyone who wants to explore and embrace all aspects of balance.  Costs less than $15/class!

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(class #440905-A​)

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Yoga Nidra


This specialized meditative technique aids consciousness awareness, anxiety reduction, pain management and healing.  It is suitable for singles, couples or groups.  All are welcome; the protective nature of the practice makes it gentle and self-paced.  Honoring my own wise and talented musical instructors, I weave gentle sound healing into your session, as well as a personalized wording for your current goals (such as creativity, grieving, insight or relaxation...)


45-minutes Personalized

Zoom or in person

Sliding Scale Fees


Hatha Yoga 2

Saturdays, 10am - 11:15am

Sun & Moon Yoga Studio

3811 Langston Blvd.

Arlington VA 22207

Fun and curiosity rule the morning as you build on experience gained in Hatha 1 or similar.  These classes include deeper references to yoga wisdom, philosophy and poetry in order to support your asana practice, allowing your body, heart and mind to re-integrate after a busy week.

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(available as drop-in or

multi-visit registration)

Private Yoga

In-Person or by Zoom

Whether it's physical yoga, or the deeper meditation to which it leads, private yoga will adapt to your ongoing interests.  Perhaps your schedule is complicated, or you want to move at your own pace. Maybe you have friends with whom you'd like to form your own yoga class. Or does the philosophy behind yoga itself intrigue you?  Planned events, meetings and retreats also benefit from curated yoga, meditation and philosophy education. Let's work together to compose the optimal yoga experience for you.

Sliding scale fees

$0 - $180/hour


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