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About Me

          I originally experienced yoga in 1995 as a young and busy professional, having no interest in its traditions or techniques. I simply liked feeling relaxed! Over time, however, yoga has become different things for me, seemingly able to morph into whatever I need whenever I need it. Today, I still like feeling relaxed—but I also eagerly explore the vast system of traditions and techniques that I once overlooked.

          My asana classes encourage healthy, individualized physical alignment and breath awareness, as well as finding one's balance between effort and ease. Throughout our practice, personal inquiry and internal listening remain key. In this way, yoga asana becomes an ongoing cultivation of “skill in action” as it helps unify the body, mind and heart. Classes that include families, kids or teens similarly explore classic asana and yoga wisdom, but we add age-appropriate games, teamwork exercises, and relaxation to the experience.

          In 2023, I completed the 100-hour Breath and Meditation Module through Yandara Yoga Institute in Baja, MX, under the guidance of Christopher Shane Perkins.  In addition to this 9-day intensive retreat, a 2022 course certification through Gary Kraftsow's Meditation Unlocked and Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield’s The Power of Awareness series has informed my teaching of meditation.  All that said, my personal practice of meditation is, of course, ongoing!

          I have also had the great honor of training with Dan Libby at the Veteran's Yoga Project, Love Your Brain Yoga, Yoga & the 12 Steps of Recovery, and Move with Me Yoga Adventures.  During Covid, I became a trained Family Peer Recovery Specialist with the Richmond Behavioral Health Authority. Decades ago, I earned an M.A. in American Literature and, in 2015, an M.A. in Religious Studies. In 2018, I completed In-Depth yoga studies at Sun and Moon in Arlington, Virginia, to become a RYT200 with the Yoga Alliance.  Through all of this, some of my fondest memories come from having taught middle and high school English, led group yoga in an after-school setting, and enjoyed doing mindfulness workshops with kids ages 5-8.

Education and Certifications
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