Yoga for Men

"If you don't have a relationship with yourself, all other relationships become shallow.  And if your relationship with yourself if profound and steady, then you naturally develop the skill to handle any kind of relationship around you." - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

WHO: Students in this group are often new to yoga, but even those with intermediate skills will find the class instructive and encouraging. Sharing space with fewer "bendy" ladies encourages an inviting atmosphere of self-inquiry.

WHAT:  After centered breathing and warm-up, focus rests on a particular anatomical principle or skill, such as balance, core awareness or back health. Of course, final relaxation, called savanna, finishes our one-hour class.  Building strength, concentration and flexibility are part of every practice, with yoga philosophy rounding out the hour. 

WHERE: The Madison Center, 3829 N. Stafford St., Arlington VA  22207.

WHEN: Thursdays, 7:40pm - 8:40pm.

HOW: This class continually explores the relationship between strength and flexibility, rigor and relaxation. Healthy alignment and mindful breath underly every movement. For men, who often have a  higher center of gravity, fast-twitch muscle fibers and laterally-oriented hip sockets, props are essential to a beneficial practice.  Yes, this class for men (of all ages) is taught by me (a woman of a certain age). But men who take this class simply want to explore personal strength and flexibility on their own terms.