Meditation: Widening the Circle

"We live, in fact, in a world starved for solitude, silence, and privacy, and therefore starved for meditation and true friendship...."

– C.S. Lewis

WHO: All are welcome.

WHAT: This class will feature various breathing and mindfulness techniques, with participants comfortably seated or reclined.  The meditative portion will range in length as the session progresses, and while discussion is always optional, each class will offer time for sharing.  

WHERE: Langston-Brown Center, 2121 N. Culpeper St. Arlington VA 22207.

WHEN: Thursdays, 9am - 9:50am, starting April 20, 2020.

MOST SIGNIFICANTLY, WHY: Why sign up for meditation class when online guidance is easily available?  The answer is simple: no recorded voice or colorful emoji can replace the energy of a shared physical space.  Group practice increases our focus and stamina, allows us to learn from each other in real-time, strengthens our habits to make solo practice even more beneficial, and can even enrich our social lives.