"Love Your Brain" Yoga

Spring 2022
The LoveYourBrain Foundation is a non-profit organization that improves the quality of life of people affected by traumatic brain injury and raises awareness about the importance of brain health.

I'll be training to lead their 6-week curriculum, ready to share teachings with you soon!

Email inquiries HERE.

Yoga and the 12 Steps of Recovery

Learn how traditional yoga wisdom complements modern 12 Step programming.  Whether you are an attendee at Al Anon, Families Anonymous, AA, NA or another "A" meeting, physical practices on the mat can enhance the cognitive principles of 12 step recovery.  I am honored to be able to facilitate meetings soon!

Read more at Y12SR.com.

Teen Sangha

High schoolers and departing college students receive sliding scale fees that allow them to find a sense of health and balance in a post-quarantine (but still pandemic) world.  Details TBA.

Easy Mornings Online

This popular format will return, with chair options and opportunities for both group and one-on-one conversation.
Email inquiries HERE.