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Private Sessions
* Zoom or In-Person *

Sometimes a public class just isn't what you're looking for. Perhaps your schedule is complicated or you just want to move at your own pace. Maybe you have 2 or 3 friends who would like to form your own "safe-space" yoga class. Or does the spiritual philosophy behind the physical practice of yoga intrigue you? Whatever the case, we can work together to compose the optimal, personalized yoga experience for you!

And when your planned event seems to lack a certain flair, consider adding yoga flow, mindful movement, or a meditative element. Your celebration, business meeting or retreat will be enriched through the addition of a thoughtfully balanced yoga experience.

Fees begin at $0.00 for volunteer events.

Sliding scale fees up to $180.00 per hour, based on travel time,

number of participants and sessions scheduled.

Use the Contact Me feature to inquire about scheduling your yoga now!

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